Added automatic builds
Each day a ZIP-file is created via cron.
The builds consist of XMI, XSD, DocBook, PDF and graphs in dot, svg and png.
Added basic validation for names
installed module for validation, some rules for object and package names have been defined.
Added help for creating and managing the model
Guidelines for naming and propeties.
Added stage-tagging for objects
Re-arranged "Status" and added field for Stage, filter added on objects page.
Changes for Datatype
Datatype taxonomy is replaced by a datatype content type, to create a new one go to /node/add/datatype. You can specify basic documentation of the datatype and specify enumerated values. A datatype must be placed in a package.

Welcome to the development platform for the next generation of DDI

The DDI Alliance is building a new model-based specification, for more information on the background to this see, the process and what we hope to achieve see the DDI Alliance website at

A site to hold discussions and further ongoing discussion is at


A means of performing a Workflow Step as part of a concrete implementation of a Business Function (an ability that an organization possesses, typically expressed in general and high level terms and requiring a combination of organization, people, processes and technology to achieve).


A Process Step that controls the execution flow of the Process by determining the next Process Step in its scope.


An Input or Output to a Process Step.


Collection of Inputs and Outputs of the Process Step.


Mapping between inputs and outputs of Process Steps representing the flow of information to, from and within a Process.


One of the constituents of a Process. It can be a composition or atomic and might be performed by a Service.


A type of Node contained in a CodeList that has a Code associated to a Category. In addition, a CodeItem can have a number of optional Designations. All Designations associated to the Code Item, including the Code, are synonyms, i.e. are associated with the same Concept.


Concept or object denoted by the signifier associated to a sign.


Concept whose extension includes perceivable objects.


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