This data type is to be used for properties that make statement about the language of the data described and not about the language of the meta data content. For the later, please use xs:language.

It supports multiple responses. The structure is dependent upon the binding. In XML a list (space delimited array) of the values defined below. As such, it always allows for 0..n entries where used. The property name should indicate the type or role of the object for which the language is being defined (ex. languageOfImage). Cardinality for the property should be either 0..1 or 1..1 as the structure of the datatype supports multiple entries without repeating the property.

The lexical and value spaces of xs:language are the set of language codes defined by the RFC 1766.
Although the schema for schema defines a minimal test to perform expressed as patterns (see the Definition), the lexical space is the set of existing language codes.

Some valid values for this datatype are: "en", "en-US", "fr", or "fr-FR".
Multiple values in XML binding would be entered in a space delimited array: "en de ar"

The formal definition for this datatype is at