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Allows for the organizing WorkflowStepSequences into a larger MasterSequence. The WorkflowMasterSequence is a succession of WorkflowStepSequences in which one WorkflowStepSequence precedes the next.

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A WorkflowMasterSequence is a SimpleCollection that is normally ordered. It allows for blocks WorkflowSteps expressed as a WorkflowStepSequence to be ordered sequentially thereby creating a master sequence that is identified by the WorkflowProcess as the overall ordering for the process.

A common example is of a Questionnaire that has multiple blocks (sequences) of InstrumentComponents (InstanceQuestion, Statement, etc.) that are reused in various orders. The U.S. Current Population Survey has a block of standard demographic questions as well as specialized blocks of questions that are fielded periodically generally in a given month (ex. School Enrollment fielded in September). In a data capture multiple instruments might be administered in a certain order. A WorkflowMasterSequence describes this order. Note that in this example successive instruments cannot begin before a previous instrument ends: this would NOT be a SimpleSucession. In a Demographic Surveillance Business Process Model there is BusinessProcess that identifies data quality issues. This BusinessProcess has a WorkflowMasterSequence that includes a succession of WorkflowStepSequences. Each WorkflowStepSequence performs the work of identifying a specific data quality issue. The WorkflowMasterSequence determines the order in which each data quality issue is identified. When the order is consequential the WorkflowMasterSequence isOrdered property is set to true.
Restricts contains to WorkflowStepSequenceIndicator which supports the use of an index to specify the position of the referenced Workflow Step Sequence in an ordered array


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