Added automatic builds
Each day a ZIP-file is created via cron.
The builds consist of XMI, XSD, DocBook, PDF and graphs in dot, svg and png.
Added basic validation for names
installed module for validation, some rules for object and package names have been defined.
Added help for creating and managing the model
Guidelines for naming and propeties.
Added stage-tagging for objects
Re-arranged "Status" and added field for Stage, filter added on objects page.
Changes for Datatype
Datatype taxonomy is replaced by a datatype content type, to create a new one go to /node/add/datatype. You can specify basic documentation of the datatype and specify enumerated values. A datatype must be placed in a package.







PhysicalStructureOrder orders thePhysicalRecordSegments by LayoutRecords. Each LayoutRecord has one or more PhysicalRecordSegments



Contains concrete extensions of the abstract collection pattern classes. These extensions are available for use in organizing any class that realizes a Collection.


A description of each physical storage segment required to completely cover the logical record. A logical record may be stored in one or more segments housed hierarchically in a single file or in separate data files. All logical records have at least one segment.


This class describes directional (ordered) relations between two objects, a source and a target. The relationship is only implied between the two classes and the members of those classes. For example if the relationship is defined by setting the Relation Specification to ParentChild when realizing this class, the parent designated in the domain is the parent of all the objects listed in a collection identified as the range.


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