Added automatic builds
Each day a ZIP-file is created via cron.
The builds consist of XMI, XSD, DocBook, PDF and graphs in dot, svg and png.
Added basic validation for names
installed module for validation, some rules for object and package names have been defined.
Added help for creating and managing the model
Guidelines for naming and propeties.
Added stage-tagging for objects
Re-arranged "Status" and added field for Stage, filter added on objects page.
Changes for Datatype
Datatype taxonomy is replaced by a datatype content type, to create a new one go to /node/add/datatype. You can specify basic documentation of the datatype and specify enumerated values. A datatype must be placed in a package.



Event associated with the observation


Non-empty set of dimensions functioning as a key in a Datum Structure


Unit identifier in a Datum Structure.


Identifier of the Datum Structure. It can be defined either by a Unit or a set of Dimensions.


An additional condition and resulting step to take if the condition in the parent IfThenElse is false. It cannot exist without a parent IfThenElse.



Entity subsumes both material entities and information entities. Material entities have qualities, dispositions and functions. Information entities are the result of measuring material entities. Information entities may also be composed of other information entities. Much of DDI relates to information entities.


Something an enterprise does, or needs to do, in order to achieve its objectives.

A Business Function delivers added value from a business point of view. It is delivered by bringing together people, processes and technology (resources), for a specific business purpose.


A precondition is a state. The state includes one or more goals that were previously achieved. This state is the necessary condition before a process can begin.


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