Added automatic builds
Each day a ZIP-file is created via cron.
The builds consist of XMI, XSD, DocBook, PDF and graphs in dot, svg and png.
Added basic validation for names
installed module for validation, some rules for object and package names have been defined.
Added help for creating and managing the model
Guidelines for naming and propeties.
Added stage-tagging for objects
Re-arranged "Status" and added field for Stage, filter added on objects page.
Changes for Datatype
Datatype taxonomy is replaced by a datatype content type, to create a new one go to /node/add/datatype. You can specify basic documentation of the datatype and specify enumerated values. A datatype must be placed in a package.


The object formerly known as StudyUnit.


Describes the means of linking two Logical Records of different types (e.g. Person to Household)


DDI Document Package


Describe aggregated instance variables contained in a Data Serialization


DDI Utility Package


A set of one or more LogicalRecords that list the InstanceVariables related to a specific type of case (e.g. Household, Person, Event, etc.) as well as how the record type is identified by the record itself. May contain a RecordRelationship describing the link between two Logical Records of different types (e.g. Person to Household).


A field in a record


A LogicalRecord references the specific InstanceVariables which serve as attributes of a specific case. Contains a reference to the InstanceVariable containing a specified designation which identifies a record as being a specific type.


Contains all objects for the Simple Codebook use case that are not covered somewhere else. Package was revised during Dagstuhl 2014. Previously contained objects have been moved to package Deleted due to overlap with DataDescription and Instrument packages.
Realizations of Methodology are added in 2017


The DataCapture package contains classes used to describe the process of collecting, acquiring, or capturing data from various sources. Sources could include surveys, databases, registries, administrative data, bio-medical devices, environmental sensors, or any other source or instrument.


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