The Agents Package covers the description of Organizations, Individuals, and Machines (non-human) and their relationships over time. Agents are related to by processes, annotation content, and other locations where individuals, organizations, or machines are involved with the activities covered by DDI metadata.

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We need rules for what is properties and what is relationships. After discussion with Arofan I've created relations between e.g. ContactInformation and Telephone, Email etc. but they could all the same be described as Properties.

I agree with Johan there is no good reason for these to be relationships or the objects to have the base of AbstractIdentifiable. They have linkage specific information on valid date range and even if a phone number is used by several people or organizations each will have its own valid date. All valid dates were made 0..1 as the way one changes this contact information is to provide a new set of information and either put an end date in the old one or leave it open if both say emails are valid.

It seems like there's no way for an individual to change name. An individual has a IndividualName, which has an effectivePeriod. However, the cardinality is 1..1, which makes it impossible to have multiple occurancies.

An org:Organization and a foaf:Organization.

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