Generic collection structure to support managed and unmanaged collections containing both unique and non-unique members. Such a generic structure can be used to model different types of groupings, from simple unordered sets to all sorts of hierarchies, nesting and ordered sets/bags. In addition, they can be extended with richer semantics (e.g. generic, partitive, and instance, among others).

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A Collection is described by a set of MemberIndicators which point to members of the collection. If a Collection is ordered as a simple list that ordering can be indicated by an index property of each MemberIndicator. If the Collection is unordered, the index is not necessary. For more complex Collection structures like hierarchies or cyclical networks, the Collection may point to one or more RelationStructures. A RelationStructure contains multiple MemberRelations, each of which functions like an adjacency list ( in graph theory, describing the relationships of one Member to multiple other members.


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I'm removing Correspondences from the pattern. They belong to the packages and they should realize n-ary relations.

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