The Discovery Package contains classes used to provide coverage and access information for annotated objects to facilitate discovery of object sets, data files, etc. Coverage areas include temporal, geographic, bounding, topical, and spatial. Access ranges from confidentiality statements to citation requirements to contact information for access.

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3.2 Citation, Coverage, Access
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Note that currently Access points to those objects (with any specified identifier) that it applies to. This is mostly likely the wrong way around. Optionally we could deal with the earlier issue of being able to assign access rights down to the variable or category level by adding an applicableAccess pointer to AnnotatedIdentifiable.

SpatialCoverage needs to be able to relate to classification collections and classifications denoted spatial types (country, city, tract, rastor grid, etc.) and specific locations. We have not validated the statistical classification structure against the needs of spatial description. Once done, we need to add these relations to SpatialCoverage

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