This package contains the basic classes of a Methodology pattern which can be realized for use throughout the model. It relates to a number of instantiated classes in Methodologies. All classes in the pattern are abstract. Note that there is a set of classes pertaining to the results of a methodology, design, process that can be added as a consistent means of expressing overall results and their application to aspects of a study (i.e. a resultant weight and its application within a set of variables, or the resultant sample and its use by a Data Capture or as an input to a weighting process). These classes are found in Methodologies Package and include BusinessFunction, Goal, Precondition, Result, Guide, and AppliedUse.

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Now that Process is part of a pattern, it doesn't need to have an association to a WorkflowSequence. The concrete class realizing Process will have the details and necessary references to other concrete classes, either WorkflowSequence or any other realization deemed appropriate.

I suggest removing usesSequence from the Process class.

Moreover, to better align with the Process Pattern, Process should have a contains association to Process Step, of which WorkflowSequence is one particular realization (because it's an extension of WorkflowStep, which realizes Process Step).

I'm making the changes Flavio suggested. I need to do this in order to instantiate the sampling structure

During Q2 review discussions in MT, the decision was made to strip down patterns to their basic required contents. This will require additional documentation to assist modelers who design realizations in the type of additions which may commonly be made. Process was stripped down to make its use more flexible and extended from a collection to allow it to be organized and contents ordered. Result was removed ONLY because this is currently a design perspective. I felt that Result should be layered on during and implementation/run time and/or retrospective perspective.

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