The ProcessPattern Package contains classes expressing basic process and information flow. The pattern must be instantiated with non-abstract classes for each application. Note that Workflows either alone or together with BusinessWorkflow is a realization / instantiation of the ProcessPattern.

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I moved Service, Process Step and Process here. I also added new classes, as agreed, e.g. Information Flow. I had to do some redesign to make things work with the Collections Pattern and the new Workflow: there is combined InputOutput class now, and Interface (which is a collection of InputOutput) and a Process Control that was missing, to take care of control flows. It works nicely with Workflow and Collections now, as far as I can see.

Why is the service interface defined as an externally controlled vocabulary entry? We need more details than that. At the very least, we need to add to the documentation a few minimum entries that need to be supported, like we did in the semantics of relations.

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