Modelling Review


The FormatDescription Package contains classes which take the logical description of data and apply it to physical data. FormatDescription classes describe the physical layout of data, for example the details of how a CSV is represented.


The Utility Package contains classes used by multiple Functional Views or classes throughout the model.



The Discovery Package contains classes used to provide coverage and access information for annotated objects to facilitate discovery of object sets, data files, etc. Coverage areas include temporal, geographic, bounding, topical, and spatial. Access ranges from confidentiality statements to citation requirements to contact information for access.


The Identification Package contains classes to support identification and versioning.


The Representations Package contains classes used to describe, order, manage, and compare the classifications/categories used for enumerated value domains. Representations may be a simple code list (the association of a code with a category) or complex managed statistical classification.


The Workflows Package contains a set of classes that serve as the basis for describing many activities we might perform with data. Workflows is a generic realization of the process model. Specialized of classes within the process model may exist for specific applications or use cases.


The StructuredDataTypes Package contains classes without an extension base of Identifiable containing properties or relationships. Used as the datatype for a property.


The Agents Package covers the description of Organizations, Individuals, and Machines (non-human) and their relationships over time. Agents are related to by processes, annotation content, and other locations where individuals, organizations, or machines are involved with the activities covered by DDI metadata.


The Conceptual Package all of the basic components of ISO/IEC 11179 as captured and represented in the GSIM Concepts Group
The Conceptual package will review all parts of the GSIM Concepts Group content and determine if and where adjustments need to be made to interact well with the overall mandate of DDI regarding support for work outside of the GSIM sphere and required levels of abstraction.


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