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A person who may have a relationship to another Agent and who may be specified as being associated with an act.


A Category Set is a type of Node Set which groups Categories.


Defines the type of instrument used for data collection or capture. In addition to the standard name, label, and description contains a classification of the type of instrument, a reference to an external instance of the instrument (such as an image of a questionnaire or programming script) and a reference to the Sequence control construct that contains the flow for data collection or capture.


A Concept whose role is to define and measure a characteristic.


Describes the relationship between any two organizations or individuals, or an individual and an organization. This is a pairwise relationship and relationships may be unidirectional. Identifies the Source organization or individual and the Target organization or individual, describes the relationship, provides a keyword to classify the relationship, provides and effective period for the relationship, allows for addition information to be provided, and can contain a privacy specification.


Location address identifying each part of the address as separate elements, identifying the type of address, the level of privacy associated with the release of the address, and a flag to identify the preferred address for contact.


Describes summary statistics for a variable.


Any non-email means of relaying a message electronically. This would include text messaging, Skype, Twitter, ICQ, or other emerging means of electronic message conveyance.


Contact information for the individual or organization including location specification, address, web site, phone numbers, and other means of communication access. Address, location, telephone, and other means of communication can be repeated to express multiple means of a single type or change over time. Each major piece of contact information contains the element EffectiveDates in order to date stamp the period for which the information is valid.


An e-mail address which conforms to the internet format (RFC 822) including its type and time period for which it is valid.


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