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StudyControl references a Study. StudyControl enables the representation of a research protocol at the Study level. [If the only purpose of the object is to carry a Study, it should be seriously considered for melting with another object. Modeling rules state that any object needs to have a reality of its own. Carrying another object is not a reality. If I misunderstood, please clarify the description instead]


Provides an extensible framework for specific computation or transformation objects.


SplitJoin consists of process steps that are executed concurrently (execution with barrier synchronization). That is, SplitJoin completes when all of its components processes have completed.


The components of a Split consists of a number of process steps to be executed concurrently with partial synchronization. Split completes as soon as all of its component process steps have been scheduled for execution.


A Classification Item represents a Category at a certain Level within a Statistical Classification.


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