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Unit of thought differentiated by characteristics [GSIM 1.1]


The use of a Concept as a characteristic of a UnitType intended to be measured


IfThenElse describes an if-then-else decision type of control construct. If the stated condition is met, then the associated Workflow Sequence in containsSubSeqence is triggered, otherwise the Workflow Sequence that is triggered is the one associated via elseContains.


A defined set or class of people, entities, events, or objects, with no specification of time and geography, contextualizing a Unit Type


Includes information about the physical instance of a data product (an actual data file). It completes the documentation contained in the Physical Data Product module that is specific to the individual file and serves as a descriptive record of the external data file. Physical Instance provides a citation for the data file, a link to the RecordLayout(s) used by the files records, a description of it coverage (as a constraint if different from the study), check figures for quality control (e.g.


Identifies the authorizing agency and allows for the full text of the authorization (law, regulation, or other form of authorization).


The LevelStructure describes the nesting structure of a hierarchical collection. The levels within the structure begin at the root level '1' and continue as an ordered array through each level of nesting.


The object formerly known as StudyUnit.


A set of Concepts structured by the relations among them. [GSIM 1.1]


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