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Relation whose n-ary tuples are ordered. It could be the result of a join between one or more Binary Relations.


A Unit Type is a type or class of objects of interest.


A DataPoint is a container for a Datum.


Set of valid Concepts. The Concepts can be described by either enumeration or by an expression.


The object of interest in a process step related to the collection or use of observational data.


The use of a Represented Variable within a Data Set. The InstanceVariable describes actual instances of data that have been collected.


A Datum is a designation (a representation of a concept by a sign) with a notion of equality defined. The sign itself is a perceivable object.


A Statistical Classification is a set of Categories represented by Classification Items which may be assigned to one or more variables registered in statistical surveys or administrative files, and used in the production and dissemination of statistics. The Categories at each Level of the classification structure must be mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive of all objects/units in the population of interest. (Source: GSIM StatisticalClassification)


The Value Domain for a sentinel conceptual domain. Sentinel values are defined in ISO 11404 as
"element of a value space that is not completely consistent with a datatype's properties and characterizing operations...". A common example would be codes for missing values.


The Value Domain for a substantive conceptual domain.


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