Model review partially complete



Contains objects used to provide annotation and coverage information for DDI publications (views, object sets, data files, etc.)


Logical Data Description covers the logical content of a dataset - the "variable cascade".


Workflows is a generic realization of the process model. It contains a set of classes that serve as the basis for describing many activities we might perform with data. Specialized of classes within the process model may exist for specific applications or use cases.

The exchange currency of Workflows are variables and values. With their output and input parameters WorkflowSteps are able to exchange variables and values with each other. This type of exchange is akin to "message flow" in the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN).


A combination of a characteristic of a population to be measured and how that measure will be represented.
(From GSIM 1.1).


Maps between any two representations and describes the correspondence between source and target representations.


An abstract class from which are extended sub-classes used for the representation of a variable or a response domain.

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