Proposal in progress


Source target relationship between classification items in a classification item relation structure


Source target relationship between codes in a code relation structure


Relation structure of codes within a codelist. Allows for the specification of complex relationships among codes.


An abstract base to allow all codifications (CodeList, StatisticalClassification, etc.) to be used as enumerated value representations.


Defines complex synchronous or asynchronous temporal ordering control. Defines temporal relationships using Allen's Intervals.


A subtype of WorkflowStep which controls the ordering of Workflow Steps within a Process. Abstract base for specialized ordering conditions that have specific requirements to relay ordering information.


TypedString combines a typeOfContent with a content defined as a simple string. May be used wherever a simple string needs to support a type definition to clarify its content


A Business Algorithm is used to express the generalized function of the Business Process.
The underlying properties of the algorithm or method rather than the specifics of any particular implementation. In short a description of the method in its simplest and most general representation.


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