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Describes structured relations between WorkflowSteps


A BusinessProcess precondition or post condition which describes the condition which must be met to begin (pre) or exit (post) a process. It may use a specified LogicalRecord. The Logical Record has SQL that describes it, rejectionCriteria against which its adequacy may be tested and an optional annotation that describes its provenance.


MetadataDrivenActions are Acts in which their logic is defined by validation and transformation rules expressed in some standard rule language.


Allows for the identification of the BusinessProcess specifically as a member and optionally provides an index for the member within an ordered array.


A DataPipeline is a single traversal of the Generic Longitudinal Business Model (GLBPM) and/or the Generic Statistical Business process Model (GSBPM) in the course of a study where a study is either one off or a wave in a StudySeries.


BusinessProcesses could be Generic Longitudinal Business Process Model (GLBPM) and/or Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM) steps and/or sub-steps. BusinessProcesses participate in a DataPipeline by virtue of their preconditions and postconditions.

A BusinessProcess differs from a WorkflowStep by virtue of its granularity. Higher level operations are the subject of BusinessProcesses. A BusinessProcess has a WorkflowStepSequence through which these higher levels operations may optionally be decomposed into WorkflowSteps.


Gives a UnitDataRecord structure to a Logical Record. UnitDataRecord structures a LogicalRecord as either a SimpleCollection or a StructuredCollection (InstanceVariableRelationStructure) of instance variables.

The UnitDataRecord also organizes instance variables in a UnitDataViewpoint. The UnitDataViewpoint assigns roles to Instance Variables. In any one UnitDataViewpoint UnitDataRecord instance variables play one of three roles: identifier, measure or attribute. The same UnitDataRecord may have many UnitDataViewpoints.


Defines the relationship between 2 or more InstanceVariables.


A ClassificationItemIndicator realizes and extends a MemberIndicator which provides a Classification Item with an index indicating order and a level reference providing the level location of the Classification Item within a hierarchical structure.


Describes the classification of specific geographic units into a classification system. As a subtype of Code List it can be used directly for the description of a value domain.


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