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A Statistical Classification is a set of Categories which may be assigned to one or more variables registered in statistical surveys or administrative files, and used in the production and dissemination of statistics. The Categories at each Level of the classification structure must be mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive of all objects/units in the population of interest. (Source: GSIM StatisticalClassification)


An abstract base for a set of relationships used by a Classification System


A Classification Item links a representation (code) with a denoted object (classification) for the purpose of managing it within a Classification System. It contains additional management information particular to the Classification Item itself. It realizes the pattern class Sign. It is similar to GSIM Classification Item but does not include relational information (level, parent, subordinate) that are handled by relations in the collection pattern.


Defines a Whole/Part relationship of Codes in a hierarchical CodeList. May also be useful in describing a CodeList with a Total and a list of members.


This relationship describes the levels within a hierarchical structure. It allows for strict ordering of the hierarchy, optionally relating a concept to the level, and identification of the relationships within the level. This allows clear identification of all relationships making up a hierarchical collection. When the member of a level is defined as an OrderedRelation, the source target of each member is considered to be a member of the level.


An unordered (nominal relationship) set of Codes.


Subtype of Code collection supporting a strict order list.


defines the order and member of a list item


A specialized strict list item allowing a level item to contain an orderNumber (the level being described), one or more base collection types as items (generally UnorderedLists), and any hierarchical relations between the level being described and the next level in the order. Allows the level to be defined by a concept


A collection of codes used to represent a CategorySet for use as a type of Enumerated Value Domain


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