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A Category relationship denoting a Whole (source) and Part (target)


A Strict List defining the levels within a complex hierarchical Category Set. Contains relationships to CategoryBaseRelations describing the contents of each level. Normally this will be either and UnorderedCategoryRelation, CategoryParentChildRelation, or CategoryWholePartRelation. In the last two cases the source Category would be considered member's of the level and the targets designating their children or parts. UnorderedCategoryRelation would normally be used to designate the members of the terminal level of the CategorySet.


Subtype of CategoryBaseRelation containing an unordered set of members. "Fixed to Unordered. An equivalence or unordered symmetric relationship: Reflexive, Symmetric, Transitive"


A means of ordering Cateogry Relations within a structured description of Category Levels.


A collection of Categories. Provides collection level information on type, name, purpose, and usage. If the collection is complex the target of this relationship should be the entry point that allows the full structures to be brought into the collection by following relations.


An abstract base that allows the use of a number of Category Relations within a CategorySet.


A sub-type of Concept which defines the use of a concept in the role of a category.


Defines a set of similar concepts from one or more ConceptSystems. May also include concepts unrelated to specific concept systems.


A means of creating an ordered set of SimilarConceptRelation sets to act as the head of the orderings used to create a ConceptCorrespondenceMap.


An abstract base for ConceptCorrespondenceMapping sets.


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