Proposal in progress


An unordered collection of members.


This is a proposal for the restructuring of the Collection pattern from the Lawrence sprint.
This pattern enables the description of a collection, and a strict ordering in a single structure. It also allows for the description of much more complex orderings, including those that can be described only by a set of source and target pairs.


Contains the value of the datum


There term used in the Vocabulary


Perceivable object in the Code


This class should be realized as an abstract object that serves as an extension base for specific collection types within the realization of the pattern. Even if only one class is used, it allows for future extension into other types of classes if needed. The realization of this class should include only extensions that would be common to all collection types created for this applied use of the pattern.


Subtype of collection containing an unordered set of members. When realizing this class replicate the inherited property hasRelationSpecification and replace documentation with the following:
"Fixed to Unordered. An equivalence or unordered symmetric relationship: Reflexive, Symmetric, Transitive"


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