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Specialization of a Concept System focusing on sets of categories used as specifications for a generalized concept. Can be used directly by questions to express a set of categories for a response domain or as the related source for a CodeList or StatisticalClassification


Provides Level information for the members of the LevelStructure. levelNumber provides the level number which may or may not be associated with a category which defines level.


RelationStructure for use with any mixture of Variables in the Variable Cascade (Conceptual, Represented, Instance).


Ordered relations between any Variables in the Variable Cascade (Conceptual, Represented, Instance)


Allows for the identification of the InstanceVariable specifically as a member and optionally provides an index for the member within an ordered array. Note if multiple types of Variables may be included in a collection use VariableIndicator.


Allows for the organizing WorkflowStepSequences into a larger MasterSequence. The WorkflowMasterSequence is a succession of WorkflowStepSequences in which one WorkflowStepSequence precedes the next.


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