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Allows for a quality statement based on frameworks to be described using itemized properties. A reference to a concept, a coded value, or both can be used to specify the property from the standard framework identified in StandardUsed. ComplianceDescription can provide further details or a general description of compliance with a standard.


A value between 0 and 1 expressing the degree of commonality (0 indicates none, 1 indicates that they are identical).


Provides the following information on the command. The content of the command and the programming language used.


Identifies and provides a link to an external copy of the command, for example, a SAS Command Code script. Designates the programming language of the command file, a description of the location of the file , and a URN or URL for the command file.


Contains information on the command used for processing data. Contains a description of the command which should clarify for the user the purpose and process of the command, an in-line provision of the command itself, and a reference to an external version of the command such as a coding script.


Describes a collection of items held or distributed by the archive in connection with a study, group of studies, or resource packages. What constitutes an collection is determined by the archive. These may be data file(s) in a variety of formats, statistical setups, codebooks, questionnaires, etc. A collection may also be a group of studies, groups, and/or resource packages.


Defines the included values of a dimension by means of individual value references or by defining a range of values to include. Allows the included values to be identified by reference to the Code, the Category used by the Code, or the Value of the Code (which by definition should be unique). The dimension is identified by its rank value.


Allows further specification of the codes to use from the CodeList by defining the level or only the most discrete codes of a hierarchical CodeList, the range of codes to use, or an itemized sub-set.


Dummy Object for Choices


Specification of the character offset for the beginning and end of the segment, or beginning and length.


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