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A basic structure for declaring the name of an Agent inline, reference to an Agent, and role specification. This object is used primarily within Annotation.


Contains a stack of links from the LocalAddedContent to the Depository content and provides instructions regarding the relationship between the local added content and the deposited content.


Describes the information needed to identify a specific record or case within a record type. Repeating the field allows multiple means of identifying a case referencing multiple variables.


Lists the variables whose values when concatenated result in the value for this variable.


Defines the cases included in determining the statistic.


A stack of LocationValueReferences to each of the locations of the specified PrimaryComponentLevel type that make up the Component Area. Includes a GeographicTime to allow for repetition for change over time.


A value between 0 and 1 expressing the degree of commonality (0 indicates none, 1 indicates that they are identical).


Describes a collection of items held or distributed by the archive in connection with a study, group of studies, or resource packages. What constitutes an collection is determined by the archive. These may be data file(s) in a variety of formats, statistical setups, codebooks, questionnaires, etc. A collection may also be a group of studies, groups, and/or resource packages.


Defines the included values of a dimension by means of individual value references or by defining a range of values to include. Allows the included values to be identified by reference to the Code, the Category used by the Code, or the Value of the Code (which by definition should be unique). The dimension is identified by its rank value.


Allows further specification of the codes to use from the CodeList by defining the level or only the most discrete codes of a hierarchical CodeList, the range of codes to use, or an itemized sub-set.


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