This view is intended to provide a structure for the information needed to understand and make intelligent use of a set of data without other communication from the person or organization producing the data. It can be used to move the data into and among multiple software platforms. This information is useful for discovery of the data.

The view includes basic information about how the data were collected, but does not provide machine actionable details.

The view provides information about:
Variables and the representation of the data for each,
Basic statistics for individual variables
Universe and population,
Spatial, temporal, and topical coverage
The study under which the data were created
Overviews of Methodology, Design, and Process
Physical storage

Use Cases:
Basic search to find data (general search, known item search) by users looking to use data.
--Searches by variable, coverage, creators, time frame, population, methodology and more
Machine actionable ingest to statistical software allowing users to analyze the data
--An open standard for representing the metadata needed to read the data
Informational content to support intelligent use and understanding of the data
--The essential information for interpreting and using the data (e.g. units of measurement, relevant population)

Target Audiences:
Individual researchers, research groups, National Statistical Organizations focusing on stand-alone codebooks, students, instructors, archives, and libraries. Software tool makers.

Restricted Classes:
DesignOverview references Precondition, Goal, and WorkflowProcess
InstanceVariable references RepresentedVariable, and ConceptualVariable, and the abstract class Act(InstrumentComponent, ComputationAction, StudyControl, and MetadataDrivenAction)
Methodology references Methodology
ProcessOverview references ProcessSequence
RepresentedMeasurement references ExternalAid
RepresentedQuestion references ExternalAid
SamplingProcedure references SamplingDesign, SamplingAlgorithm, and SamplingProcess
SentinelConceptualDomain references ConceptualSystem
SpatialCoverage references GeographicUnitClassification, and GeographicUnitTypeClassification
Study references AuthorizationSource
SubstantativeConceptualDomain references ConceptualSystem

Include in build?: 


Removed OtherMaterial and StudyUnit classes from SimpleCodebookView. Note that new instructions for populating Functional Views was settled at the Copenhagen Sprint 2015 and that the Codebook Functional View will be a primary test case for this approach to creating Functional Views. Additional modelers will work with the group in entering content for the Functional View to test both the approach and the instructional material.

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This will change after August 16, 2016 as fixed format description is added to formatDescription and as specific realizations of the Methodology pattern are done (e.g. sampling and weightng)

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As of August 16, 2016 this has a logical order relation but not a physical order relation. We probably need both.

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