- Discovery is based on DISCO.

- Mapping from DISCO (UML diagram) to DDI4 (Wendy and Flavio):

Study -> Tofkas (formally known as study unit)
StudyGroup -> GroupType
Questionnaire -> Instrument
Question -> QuestionItemType
AnalysisUnit -> Tofkas.analysisUnit
qb:DataSet -> PhysicalInstanceType
rdfs:Datatype -> Representation.recommendedDatatype
skos:OrderedCollection -> CodeList
DescriptiveStatistics -> VariableStatisticType
DataFile -> PhysicalInstance

- Not mapped

LogicalDataSet: container that might not be in DDI 4

Include in build?: 


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added objects to this view. All objects from the packages "Discovery" and New Objects for Discovery" should now be part of the view.

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Added new object AccessRights (should this be dcterms:rights or dcterms:accessRights? I couldn't add a namespace when entering the object). Added this object to the view.

Also added KindOfData to the view

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We have some Dublin Core terms for discovery - Do we have a complete list - e.g. alternate? bibliographicCitation?

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Added DataFingerprint and DataFingerprintObjectType to the view.

Graph for view