The Discovery View provides basic information on Annotation, Coverage, and Access. The current view is limited to this basic set of objects and is provided to test out these structures. The Discovery View will modify as more content is available. The future intent is to make this view closer to DISCO as development continues. Currently allows the creation of catalogs of collection items.

Use Cases:
Archive collection of bibliographic records and related information for items in the collection.

Target Audience:

Included Classes:
Access, BoundingBox, CatalogOfItems, CollectionItem, Coverage, FundingInformation, SeriesStatement, SpatialCoverage, TemporalCoverage, TopicalCoverage

General Documentation:
Point of entry is CatalogOfItems.

Include in build?: 


This view was originally created to provide an example of a Functional View for Q1. There was no strong use case behind it and therefore review comments reflected this. As of 2017-01-12 the Discovery View has been removed from the Build. If in the future, a use case arises for this view it can be reinstated or redeveloped.

Graph for view